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Why the Wrong Approach to Goal Setting Can Hurt Your Business – And How to Fix It


An article written by executive and career coach Susan Peppercorn was featured recently on the popular website Thrive Global. In the article, Susan Peppercorn explains four crucial tips to help you achieve your goals. She explains how to “follow your flow” and “create a strategic system” to help set yourself up for success. In the article, Peppercorn notes:

Businesses — particularly startups — need to be relentlessly focused on goals. But many entrepreneurs learn the hard way that when it comes to their companies, not all approaches to setting and reaching goals are created equal. The fact is that while “goal setting” may sound like a straightforward thing to do if you don’t take a strategic approach to determining the best goals for your business, you may make the mistake of applying your time and energy in the wrong direction.

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