What makes you unique, makes you successful. – William Arruda

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One of the questions asked most frequently by my coaching clients is “How do I stand out from all the others who do what I do?” Even if you are in the same field with 1,000s of others, your knowledge, experiences and accomplishments are unique. What will set you apart is how you communicate your value.

 As a career professional, you regularly develop news skills, hone existing ones and achieve accomplishments (as well as make mistakes.) These experiences build your knowledge and expertise. To distinguish yourself as an employee, consultant or job seeker, it’s important to be able to explain how what you know and what you do can help someone solve an important problem. Everything from sharing a newspaper article with a brief comment to blog posts, to podcasts to training programs, and everything in between is an opportunity for you to create your brand.

Getting noticed

Getting noticed and distinguishing yourself from others in your field means not keeping your knowledge a secret. According to social media marketing consultant, Gene Sower, content is king when it comes to educating your prospects about what you do.   Sower says, “Content creation, content marketing, and content curation are the online marketing trinity.   When done correctly, educating your prospects will help them make a buying or hiring decision — from you!

Social media, particularly sites like LinkedIn, make it very easy to share your expertise and educate your target audiences about your unique selling proposition, whatever that may be. Participating in discussions in LinkedIn Groups, or using the Publish a Post feature offers a powerful, one-stop platform for communicating your knowledge.

Personal branding isn’t one and done

Just as you grow and change, your branding needs to evolve too. Search engines like Google give preference to web pages that have updated content. Did you know that Google has a patented program called Search Engine 125 that scores documents or pages on a website based on freshness? Even if you don’t have a website, updating your LinkedIn profile with relevant key words will help you come up higher in a search. Within LinkedIn, updating your profile, participating in group discussions or something as simple as reposting an article, drives views that push you up in the search rankings. Coming up higher in a search is critical if you are trying to attract new clients or garner the attention of recruiters.

Speaking about refreshing your brand, I’ve renovated mine. If you want to learn more about personal branding, CLICK HERE.