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Susan Peppercorn was quoted in an article published on U.S. News titled, 5 Decisions to Make When Leaving a Job”. In the article Susan shares some valuable advice on considering the monetary worth of stock options you are leaving behind at your old job when negotiating your salary at your new position. Here’s what Susan had to say:

Some businesses have restrictions on when you can sell your shares, assuming you’re fully vested. But whatever you do, if you have stock shares or options, don’t forget about them.

And if you’re still at your current job and negotiating to take a new one, you may want to bring up all of the unvested stock options you aren’t going to be getting at your new company, says Susan Peppercorn, a life and career coach based out of Boston.

“Stock or options represent real money, especially in publicly traded companies,” Peppercorn says, adding that she had one client who had a lot of money she would be leaving on the table, mentioned it, and the new company increased their offer to compensate for the money she would have lost.

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