Susan Peppercorn was recently interviewed by author Mike Robbins on his podcast. They discuss challenges, dreams and embracing failure in your professional life.
Mike Robbins writes:

My guest today, Susan Peppercorn, is a Speaker and Coach who focuses on Positive Psychology through her organization, Positive Workplace Partners. During our conversation, she shares key strategies for shifting perfectionism into excellence, the importance of feedback from others, and the benefits of an accountability partner from her new book, Ditch Your Inner Critic at Work: Evidence-Based Strategies to Thrive in Your Career.

My book, Bring Your Whole Self to Work, comes out May 1, 2018.
Key Takeaways:

[2:12] What the phrase ‘bring your whole self to work’ means to Susan.

[3:14] Susan attended the first Positive Psychology course given by Tal Ben-Shahar.

[9:19] The challenges of finding work we love.

[15:41] The difference between the dream, perfectionism, and excellence.

[23:34] How do we authentically embrace failure in a productive way?

[27:04] The importance of support, accountability, and feedback.

[38:21] Strategies to Ditch Your Inner Critic at Work.



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