Using LinkedIn to Create a Personal Brand

Susan Peppercorn was featured in a recent article in Business News Daily on the topic of refreshing your online presence and personal brand. Rising to the challenge of creating a genuine yet polished personal brand that both reflects who you are as a person and also as a potential employee is something job seekers in today’s job market must do to set themselves apart. Here is some of the personal branding advice that Susan shared in the article:

Publish Content. Writing about what you know allows you to showcase your unique talents, skills and experience while distinguishing your voice and creating “instant credibility,” according to Susan Peppercorn, executive career coach and CEO of Positive Workplace Partners. This can include maintaining a blog, writing guest posts for websites, or contributing articles to the online forums of professional or industry organizations.

“Writing about what you know gives employers insight into your thinking and communication abilities and gives the job seeker an advantage over those who haven’t taken the time to put their ideas in writing,” said Peppercorn.

Prospective employers may find your articles on sites where they are published, but they may also stumble across them during a Google search. This offers job seekers another way to get noticed and stand out. If you are not the blogging type, you can become a curator of great content that you then share through social media.

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