Positive Psychology Coaching

positive-psychology-coaching-2What is Positive Psychology Coaching?

What do attitudes and feelings, such as gratitude, positive emotion, courage, resilience and curiosity, have to do with success?

What do people who are happy, healthy and successful do differently? How do some people grow through adversity while others don’t? As a certified positive psychology coach, I utilize research on thriving and scientifically rigorous measures to help clients reach their goals; an important factor when you expect results.

Founded in the late 1990s by esteemed psychologist Martin Seligman, positive psychology uses scientific research to study what is right, rather than what is wrong, with people. Unlike the self-help movement, positive psychology is concerned with testing, evidence and measurement with the expectation that the research will lead to the application of practical interventions to help individuals and organizations thrive.

positive-psychology-coaching-3Key Takeaways of Positive Psychology Coaching

1. Shifting From Wrong to Right – Helping clients shift from what is wrong to what is right.
2. Developing Positive Emotional Awareness. The science of happiness has shown that people who are optimistic experience a wide range of benefits including greater productivity and creativity as well as an increased ability to cope with challenges and adversity.
3. Leveraging Strengths – Positive psychology coaching helps you identify and build on your strengths in a very focused way. Enabling clients to identify their strengths, develop the range of strengths they have, and utilize them for maximum effectiveness is a goal of positive psychology coaching. Individuals who know and nurture their strengths are shown to be more resilient.
4. Accessing Peak Performance – In order to move forward to achieve your goals both willpower and waypower are required. Having a belief that you can do something is the willpower part of the equation. Positive psychology coaching also looks at developing waypower; uncovering different paths to achieving a goal. Both are needed to maintain a sense of hope.

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