Personal Branding


To stand out in a fast-paced, competitive world, you need to know what you stand for, or as business guru Tom Peters aptly puts it, you need to be chief marketer of a brand called You. Personal Branding is a term that has become ubiquitous in recent years, and yet, how to achieve Personal Branding success remains illusive for many.

If you are embarking on a career transition or trying to move up in your organization, establishing a personal brand is critical to your success. To some, this seems cheap and cheesy. “Shouldn’t my accomplishments speak for themselves?” “Isn’t it self-serving to focus so much on myself?” The simple answer is no. Personal branding is critical.

If you are looking for help with personal branding in Boston, Cambridge, Newton or surrounding Massachusetts areas, Positive Workplace Partners can help.


A personal brand is the way you differentiate yourself from others. If you understand your strengths, skills, passions, and values, you can use this knowledge to distinguish yourself and help others understand what you have to offer from a business perspective. By defining your personal brand, you control the way others perceive you, not the other way around. Think of brands you respect; Nike, Google, Apple, Cheerios, for example. What do they stand for? Why do you respect them? Is it the energy of Nike’s “just do it,” the sleek design of Apple products or the reliability and quality of a well-loved breakfast cereal? What do you want others to remember about you? Your integrity, problem solving ability or leadership talent? The passion you have for bringing new medicines to market or your desire to help others lead a more fulfilling life?

Personal Branding Cambridge Massachusetts


It’s not always easy to define your own brand. This is where coaching comes in. Having worked with clients across multiple industries and at all levels, Positive Workplace Partners can help you identify your unique value and communicate it effectively in your resume, LinkedIn profile, biography, social media, and in conversation with others.


1. What’s Important To You? – The fist step in helping you define your personal brand is to clarify your values. Values are the bedrock of who you are. Research has shown that people whose work aligns with their core values are happier and more productive. Values are the easiest thing to present and have others identify with, so start there.

2. Where Do You Shine? – Every good personal brand involves the concept of expertise. If you want to be recognized as a thought leader or expert, you have to know what you’re good at. It’s not just enough for you to understand — others have to know it too.

3. What’s Your Story? – Any neuroscientist will tell you that our brains are wired for stories. Stories are the way we relate to each other because we’re social creatures. Learning to tell the stories behind your accomplishments brings the passion and enthusiasm for what you do to life. Learning to narrate your success so it has a clear beginning, middle and end is key.

4. What’s The Future of Your Brand? – In the product world, adding extensions to a brand is the way to keep it fresh and alive. What skills and experiences do you need to acquire to keep your own personal brand relevant?

Positive Workplace Partners can help you think of yourself not as someone who is defined or confined by a particular job title or function but as your own brand. Contact us to learn more about our Personal Branding Services.