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Susan Peppercorn recently had an article published on how to survive a layoff published on Idealist Careers. Long gone are the days when employers kept their employees on the payroll for several decades until one day when they finally retired. Today, with all the ups and downs of the economy, being laid off is much more common than ever before. Rather than waiting to lose your job without a plan, Susan has written an article on what to do when you’re laid off, how to plan ahead of time and how to handle being laid off if it actually happens. Here’s some advice from the article:

How to Survive Being Laid Off

Here are some suggested strategies for taking control of your career whether you expect a layoff or not.

Keep your resume updated

You should always be ready with a list of your accomplishments. Try to make it a part of your routine to update your list on a weekly or monthly basis. An additional benefit of tracking your accomplishments is that they will be top of mind during a performance review or interview. As April Greene says in her recent article, Why You Should Track Professional Accomplishments and How to Get in the Habit, “No matter where you are in your career, making a regular habit of tracking your professional accomplishments is a strategic move.”

Keep your network fresh

Networking is not about how many LinkedIn connections or Facebook followers you may have; it’s about the relationships you’ve built with people over time. Robbie Samuels, networking expert and host of the podcast On the Schmooze, suggests getting ahead of the game. “Don’t wait until you are laid off to start paying attention to and nurturing your professional network. Offer value in an ongoing way to the people who inspire you, who appreciate you, and those that need a little encouragement.”

Invest in yourself

Keeping your skills up to date is one of the most powerful ways to maintain your marketability. And, going to professional conferences or attending face-to-face training is a great way to make new industry connections and expand your network. If you are looking for ideas on where to find trainings, Aaron McCoy offers a number of options in this suggestion-rich “Kick off the new year with these 19 professional development opportunities.”

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