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Susan Peppercorn was recently featured in an article by HigherEdJobs on the topic of using your job interview to determine if the manager, team and workplace culture are a good fit for you. Here’s what Susan had to share:

Effective communication is the cornerstone of effective leadership. So be reflective as you digest the verbal and non-verbal communication that you observe from all who interview you, especially managers. Susan Peppercorn, career transition coach and CEO of Positive Workplace Partners, a career consultancy, shares this example:

“A leader who seems disengaged or distracted during an interview may be like that all of the time. Interviewing is like dating. Both sides need to be on their best behavior. If the leader can’t devote their full attention to the person they potentially want to hire, it doesn’t bode well for their future involvement.”

A lot becomes visible when you take your sole attention off your own performance and recognize what the interview team is projecting. Observe them with an eye towards understanding the culture they represent. It’s a deeper level of listening that can be very powerful as you decide whether or not this environment might suit you.

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