Susan Peppercorn’s new transformative book, Ditch Your Inner Critic at Work: Evidenced-Based Strategies to Thrive in Your Career, is now available for purchase on

“Stop allowing critics to rent space in your head!” 

Whether you feel a mild dissatisfaction or an intense dislike for your current job, the goal is clear: to find your passion. But to find the right career, you have to let go of the critical inner voice that tells you that you’ll be happier if you make more money, work harder or reach the next promotion. At some point, you’ll need to rethink your assumptions about your career and take a new approach.

About the Ditch Your Inner Critic at Work


In her new book, Susan makes the most compelling case yet that career satisfaction―and the full engagement that comes with it―is more important than ever in today’s workplace.

In this step-by-step guide, you will develop the tools and resources you need to bring more happiness and satisfaction to your work; in your current job or a new one. Through personal experience, client case studies, research on happiness and motivation, self-assessment tools, and exercises, Susan shows you how to create a realistic career vision, set goals, and line up the right resources to take control of your career and happiness.

Ditch Your Inner Critic at Work Reviews


“I have read many career books but this one was different. While it is full of engaging and instructive stories about a wide variety of career challenges and choices, what really took this book to the next level for me were the helpful and (I know this may seem like a contradiction in terms) FUN surveys! Some of the surveys affirmed positive career choices I had made in my career while others highlighted areas I really need to think about. It was like having my own personal career coach available whenever I wanted.”

“What a reassuring book! I really appreciated the section on how to harness your career energy. “If your job itself drains your energy, that is a clear sign that you might benefit from a career shift to something that allows you to get into your zone, groove, or flow.” Stop struggling while doing work that isn’t a great fit and use this book to better understand your purpose. The section on building your personal board of directors was also spot on.”

“In Ditch Your Inner Critic at Work, Susan Peppercorn applies research from leadership development, psychology and social science to making better life decisions for career growth. I admire the way she takes empirical, validated research, and makes the insights usable for your everyday thinking. She’s especially adept at helping you see how conventional thinking about success can be dead wrong for you.”

About Susan Peppercorn


executive coach boston MA - Susan PeppercornSusan Peppercorn is an executive and career coach who enables mid, and senior-level professionals to find their next best career step; promotion, new job, career or entrepreneurial option.  Frequently quoted, the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review and U.S. News and World Report are some of the publications that have tapped her for career advice.

A certified positive psychology coach, Susan is a graduate of the Whole Being Institute with a Certificate in Positive Psychology, and was a teaching assistant in the same program under Dr. Tal Ben Shahar. Accredited by the International Coaching Federation, she is a frequently requested speaker and an executive mentor for the Healthcare Business Women’s Association (HBA).