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Are you considering a career transition, but confused about what direction to take? Do you have career goals you want to achieve but find it difficult to follow through? I can help you.

If are looking for a career coach in Boston, Cambridge, or Newton Massachusetts or surrounding areas, you’ve come to the right place.

According to Max Baverman, Professor at Harvard Business School, humans are not perfect decision makers, far from it. Many biases affect our thinking, even in the smartest and most self-aware people.  When it comes to assessing our own job skills, strengths and accomplishments and what we think will make us happy, we’re not very good at it. This is where career coaching comes in. Career coaches are trained to help you objectively evaluate your values, job skills and strengths. In addition, an experienced career coach understands hiring practices and can help you save time by sharing specific job campaign strategies and tactics.


Our goal at Positive Workplace Partners is first to help clients identify what they want to do; second is to understand what the marketplace needs, and third to help you figure out how to market yourself.

The following diagram outlines the general steps of PWP’s career coaching process. If you decide you’d like to
work together, we’ll develop a fully customized career coaching plan that focuses on the areas most important to you.

Career coaching Boston Massachusetts
Assess – In this step we’ll discuss your aspirations, challenges and what you want in your career. With that vision in mind, we’ll set concrete coaching goals. We’ll look at the things that motivate you and what you’re good at. It’s through this lens that you will see your interests and capabilities more clearly, enabling you to clarify your direction.

Define – Once you’ve identified your top job skills, personal strengths and values, we’ll look at the companies and organizations that appear to be a good fit. From there, you’ll be able to develop a target list of potential employers.

Evaluate – Once you’ve identified organizations of interest, you’ll need to know what’s important to hiring managers in your target companies, such as the skills and knowlegde they require. Then you’ll decide if you’ve got what it takes.

You’ll do this through research and most importantly, by networking with contacts in your target companies. What issues or problems are most pressing for these companies or industries? Do you possess the skills, knowledge, and experience to offer them solutions?

Market – To make a successful career change, you’ll need to organize and articulate your value in a way that you and the prospective employers can easily understand. In this phase, we’ll get down to brass tacks such as writing a powerful resume and LinkedIn profile as well as using social media to demonstrate your expertise. You’ll also learn strategies for attracting the interest of hiring managers, effective interview techniques, and negotiating the best deal.

If you choose Positive Workplace Partners for career coaching, we’ll help you clarify your long-term career goal and the steps needed to successfully reach it.

If are looking for a career coach in Boston, Cambridge, or Newton Massachusetts or surrounding areas, you’ve come to the right place.