Making a job change takes time and energy. Rather than quitting out of frustration or taking the first opportunity that comes along, you’ll be better served by evaluating your goals and motivations beforehand.

How to decide when the time is right

Here are some questions to ask when considering if the time is right to make a change:

1. Do I have the opportunity to do what I do best every day?
2. Am I excited to get up and go to work?
3. Do I have the opportunity to learn and grow?
4. Are you appreciated for your contributions?
5. Do I believe in the mission of my company and its leaders?
6. Are my values aligned with those of my employer?

If you answered no to most or all of these questions, making a change may be the right thing to do. Even so, consider what’s right with your current position, instead of focusing on what’s wrong. Make sure you’ve confronted problems directly and uncovered every possible communications opportunity. Consider all the steps that could improve your current job and take a hard look at the risks involved with leaving.

Chart your course

Rushing into a significant change is never a good idea.
Once you realize it might be time to leave your job, set goals for what you are looking for in your next role including responsibilities, company culture, compensation, work-life flexibility and benefits. Consider the strengths you want to use more of. Do you love to write and want to have more opportunity to utilize your creative abilities? Are you energized by building relationships and want more opportunity to work collaboratively?

Develop a plan

Decide what a ‘better’ job would look like, and what factors are most important. Create a personal marketing plan that includes the skills and strengths you have to offer as well as a target list of employers that you plan to research. Develop a list of your networking contacts to learn more about your target industry and company.

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