Are you looking for career coaching?

If you’re looking for career coaching services in the Boston, Cambridge, Newton, Wellesley and surrounding areas in and around Massachusetts, welcome to Positive Workplace partners.

Ask yourself…

Do you have career goals you want to achieve but find it difficult to follow through? Are you considering a career transition, but confused about what direction to go in?

Then career coaching may be what you’re looking for.

Career coaches are trained to help you objectively evaluate your values, job skills and strengths. In addition, an experienced career coach understands hiring practices and can help you save time by sharing specific job campaign strategies and tactics.

Let’s look at the 3 goals of career coaching.

Our goal at positive workplace partners is first to help clients identify what they want to do; second is to understand what the marketplace needs, and third to help you figure out how to market yourself.

A career coach can help you:

  • Assess your aspirations, challenges and what you want in your career.
  • Define your top job skills, personal strengths and values.
  • Evaluate what you’ll need to know that’s important to hiring managers in your target companies.

And lastly,

Market yourself and articulate your value in a way that you and the prospective employers can easily understand.

If you choose positive workplace partners for career coaching, we’ll help you clarify your long-term career goal and the steps needed to successfully reach it.

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