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Six Steps for Creating a No Bullshit Career Brand

When I talk to business professionals about the importance of taking ownership of their personal brand, they frequently tell me that they are uncomfortable promoting themselves. Here’s the reality – if you don’t define your brand, someone else will. In the words of...

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“Don’t waste your time with writing resolutions this New Year. Instead, focus on something else: resolve. A resolution is something you make. Resolve is something you have. In other words, commit. Choose a process, not a set of audacious goals you’ll never...

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5 Ways Older Workers Can Combat Age Discrimination in 2017

Susan Peppercorn was featured in a recent article published on Glassdoor titled, "5 Ways Older Workers Can Combat Age Discrimination in 2017". In it Susan describes the conditions that lead to age discrimination in companies that are downsizing and trying to save on...

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