Susan Peppercorn Featured in the Wall Street Journal!

Susan Peppercorn was recently featured in a Wall Street Journal article titled, "Bad Job Interview? Ask for a Do-Over" concerning second chance job interviews. Here's what they had to say: Do-overs for job seekers are rare, and the few who get a second chance make an...

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Negotiating Your Worth

According to, a leader in employer-reported compensation data, only 37% of job candidates always negotiate salary while 44 percent say they do so occasionally. More surprisingly, nearly one-fifth of people they surveyed never negotiate their salaries and...

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Closing the Deal After a Lost Job

EXCERPTED FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES: Closing the Deal After a Lost Job. Don’t panic. It’s true that the only thing worse than this nasty surprise is its unfortunate timing. But negotiations often involve coping with sudden and unexpected developments. Read...

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