How to Survive a Layoff

Susan Peppercorn recently had an article published on how to survive a layoff published on Idealist Careers. Long gone are the days when employers kept their employees on the payroll for several decades until one day when they finally retired. Today, with all the ups...

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Reinventing Your Career After 50

Susan Peppercorn had an article published on Idealist Careers titled, Reinventing Your Career After 50, on the topic of reinventing your skill set for a midlife career change. Finding a new career after 50 may seem daunting but it is entirely possible and is becoming...

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Susan Peppercorn Quoted in U.S. News Article!

Susan Peppercorn was quoted in an article published on U.S. News titled, "5 Decisions to Make When Leaving a Job". In the article Susan shares some valuable advice on considering the monetary worth of stock options you are leaving behind at your old job when...

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Staying in the Game Past 50

Susan Peppercorn had an article published on titled, "Staying in the Game Past 50" . In the article Susan discusses the challenges job seekers over 50 face in today's job market and offers advice on how to overcome ageism and thrive. Here's some of...

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